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Our Journey

Greetings from Think Foodie! We are delighted to see you on our site. Our recipes cover Indian cuisine as well as international cuisine. We started our journey in June 2018 and we will continue to add new recipes and content as we grow. 

Moreover, we would like to make some beautiful videos of each recipe in the future. You can also get health tips and information here. At the moment, you can see recipes with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

At Think Foodie, every recipe is tested in advance before being published. They are easy to understand, helpful and straightforward. Whether you are a newbie or want to try something new, Think Foodie is for you.  

With our Indian recipes, we maintain the authenticity of Indian food. What’s most important is to cook with fresh ingredients and serve a delicious meal.   

Discover a few tricks and tips we have collected to help you unleash the homemaker within. Check out our creative variations and find a dish that will suit your taste buds. We would love to hear how you like our recipes in the comments section. You’re sure to enjoy cooking all these happy home recipes at Think Foodie. Happy Cooking!  

Our Recipes

What’s behind our recipes and how they came about

  • A step-by-step guide with pictures
  • Detailed instructions include an ingredients list, preparation time, cooking time, baking time, and method of preparation. 
  • Nutrition chart & health benefits
  • There are several tips, suggestions, and variations that are helpful
  • An easy-to-print recipe card is included

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Suggestions? Questions?

Are there any recipes that you would like to see on this website? If so, you can give us your suggestions. You can reach out to us at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.