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Nutan Bhandari

The cook, author, web designer and photographer of Think Foodie.

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Behind every food recipe, there is a story and culture hidden. We don’t just learn how to cook but we also get to know the history behind it and how it came to existence. Through my food blogging website, I would love to share my stories behind every recipe. I began with this food blog “Think Foodie” with an intention to showcase my food recipes. I have grown up seeing and tasting a variety of food around me. I’m a big-time foodie and love being a host and enjoy cooking and serving my family and friends.

I love experimenting with new dishes from different parts of the world and have always been curious to find out more interesting recipes. I find cooking very soothing and relaxing, it gives me a break from other chores. All this time, I have been watching my mom cook this delicious meal for our family. My siblings and I developed this interest in cooking and experimenting, we children inherited this quality from our mom. She has always been a great inspiration to all of us.

While experimenting, I decided to write down all my recipes and now I would love to share it with my friends and people interested in trying out new recipes. I want to reach out to as many individuals as possible to share a bunch of recipes. Please do try my recipes and share them with your family and friends. I hope you enjoy exploring Think Foodie!

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